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I have had a total of 3 different treatments to my legs at banish medical spot. I have noticed about 70% reduction in overall hair production. The staff is very approachable and professional. The cost is very, very reasonable.

— Ana M.

5 stars for my treatment at vanish. Very private. Very confidential. I was seen on time and the doctor put me at ease immediately. Highly recommended.

— Jeff M.

Staff and doctor were very professional and very helpful. All my questions were answered and was explained every step before beginning the procedure. Very happy with the results.

— Angela H.

I was nervous at first. I have wanted to do hair removal above my lip and on my chin for years, but never found a place that I felt comfortable with. After talking to the office staff I was excited and ready to start. I have done 2 sessions and could not be more pleased. I would recommend Vanish Medical Spa to everyone and have been passing out their card to all my friends.

— Pauline K.

I have to admit, I was really nervous about laser hair removal. I don’t like pain. And the area that was being treated was my face. I didn’t want burn marks. The Dr was excellent! He answered all my questions and is very patient. I feel like he truly cares. Best of all I experienced no pain! The price was very reasonable. I’m planning on starting on a different area this month.

— Dee F.

Hands down the BEST hair removal specialist spa in San Antonio!!! They make you feel so comfortable and explain everything to you before starting. Love the staff and doctor. Their schedule is very open and they work around the client’s schedule. Highly recommend them!!

— Sepand F.

This was a great experience! They have really good prices, no waiting and a very friendly staff. The Dr was wonderful and listened to me, I will be going back.

— Diane M.

I had between 3 and 5 different treatments on several different areas including my back, chest, arms and legs. My legs have about 80% reduction in hair growth. I have similar results on my arms. My chest and back have only been done 2 different times. In my experience, it takes about 3 visits to see a drastic reduction in overall hair growth.

— Patrick M.

I am an 18-year-old college student who has been plagued with facial hair since the age of 13. I was very leery about laser hair removal on my face and asked the doctor 1 million questions before I let him perform the procedure. I have to admit he was very, very patient with me. I have received 4 laser hair removal treatments essentially over my entire face over the last 6 months or so. I am very pleased with the results and have noticed a significant reduction in hair growth.

— Viviane B.

I couldn’t be happier with my laser hair removal services at Vanish. They advised me that in general it takes 6 treatments to obtain greater than 98% hair loss. My area of concern was the underarms. Much to everyone’s surprise, it only took 2 visits for me to get complete hair removal. It’s now been 6 months and I still don’t have any hair growth on her my arms. Vanish rocks!

— Karen C.

I am an African American male who suffers with ingrown hairs under my jawline. I have a very thick and coarse beard. Dr. Mulroy has performed 5 different laser hair treatments below my jaw and my ingrown hairs have completely resolved. In addition, I no longer have to shave this area. These people deliver on what they promise.

— Jerome T.

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