Now you can enjoy the feeling of soft, hairless skin any time of the year without shaving or waxing.


Imagine never having to shave your underarms again! Throughout the year you will have smooth sexy skin and never have to be concerned about the last time you shaved. Whether going to a formal occasion or slipping on a sun dress, raise your arms with complete confidence. With underarm laser hair removal, we give you the freedom to step into whatever you’re most comfortable wearing without worrying about unsightly hair.

The underarm region is one of our most popular areas to treat. This area in often

requires much less than six treatments!

Our senior laser technician completely eliminated underarm hair growth with only two treatments. The underarm area is an excellent, low cost way to be introduced to laser hair removal.

The Benefits

Repeatedly shaving the underarms makes the area prone to ingrown hairs, cysts and razor burn. Laser hair removal by Vanish is the solution for unwanted underarm hair. The hair is destroyed at its root as our laser heat and damages the hair follicle. Thereafter, the follicle will be destroyed or severely damaged.

No more shaving, waxing, ingrown hairs, razor burns, and no more “5 O’clock shadow!”

Treating the underarms literally only takes less than 15 minutes and you can get started with your first treatment on your first visit to the clinic!

How it Works

Using state of the art technology, the Novalis 808 Diode laser, and our skilled physicians and licensed laser technicians, we start the hair removal process which takes approximately thirty five minutes for your first session. It is a non-invasive procedure, so you can leave our office return to your normal activities.

Touch ups after your initial session generally last approximately 30 minutes depending on the area and at Vanish, we make hair free underarms easy to achieve. Once you have had the same area treated for eight times, you receive a lifetime membership so that you can make sure you stay hair free for years to come.

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