Gone are the days where services like hair removal, botox, and other cosmetic procedures were strictly for women.


Our Just For Men services begin with testosterone replacement. Goals for testosterone replacement include increase muscle mass, decreased body fat, improved exercise tolerance, improved libido, increased energy and improved sleep pattern.

Testosterone is a human hormone that plays an essential role in both men and women. Testosterone peaks at the age of 18 and continues at a high level in males until the mid 20s. Thereafter, testosterone production decreases between 1- 3% per year.

The Benefits

Testosterone has many different functions in the human body. It improves muscle recovery after physical activity. Testosterone increases libido, produces a sensation of well being, increases energy and improves sleep pattern, allows the brain to focus better, improves memory, controls fat accumulation especially around the abdominal area, and it increases the metabolic rate.

Testosterone is also responsible for adequate production of red blood cells, maintenance of strong healthy bones and favorable body composition of fat relative to muscle mass.

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• Normal aging
• Obesity
• Stress
• Alcoholism
• Chronic illness
• Medications


• Difficulty sustaining exercise
• Impaired Libido
• Loss of energy and motivation
• Loss of mental clarity
• Fatigue despite adequate amounts of sleep
• Loss of muscle mass
• Depression

Checking your levels

Testosterone levels can be checked by a simple blood test paid for by most insurance carriers. The testosterone levels in general tend to fluctuate during the month. Many practitioners asked for 2 different testosterone levels prior to making a decision on prescriptions for testosterone. Testosterone may be prescribed as an injectable or as a cream.

Testosterone injections are typically performed either weekly or biweekly.

After your appointment

Once patients are placed on testosterone replacement, they require periodic checks for their testosterone and estrogen levels to make sure that both hormones are within ideal range. In addition, patients may require periodic blood counts to monitor hemoglobin and hematocrit. Patients with significant cardiovascular disease, obstructive sleep apnea, benign prostatic hypertrophy, and prostate carcinoma may not be appropriate for testosterone replacement. Baseline levels of PSA and a recent prostate exam by your family physician is important.


• Increased muscle mass
• Decrease body fat
• Improved exercise tolerance
• Improved libido
• Increased energy, focus and motivation
• Lower cholesterol levels
• Improved sense of well-being

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At Vanish Medical Spa our physician medical director will perform a history and physical. Baseline laboratory testing will be ordered. Risks and benefits of testosterone replacement will be explained in detail. Benefits of testosterone replacement will be outlined in detail. Once testosterone replacement is begun, you will require regular followup with our physician so that he may adjust your dose of testosterone based on repeat laboratory testing.

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