Gone are the days where services like hair removal, botox, and other cosmetic procedures were strictly for women.


Have you noticed a significant reduction in your overall muscle mass? Are you currently seeing a trainer without significant results? Would you like to develop a body that is 15 years younger? Our initial 12 week strength regimen requires one hour upper body strength training 3 times a week. You will not require a trainer. You will benefit from a significant improvement in strength, range of motion and improved posture.

As your strength, joint stability, and range of motion improves, you may request a separate strength regimen based on classic strength training with weights. If you proceed to a more professional level or if you’d like a fresh opinion, we will be happy to make recommendations for professional body building trainers in the community. All of our regimens have been

designed by a Board Certified physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

as well as Pain Medicine.

The Benefits

Suffering from back pain? Stiff in the morning? Just tight all over? Joint aches and pains?? The human body acclimates to the stresses you do or do not demand of it. When you do not bend, twist and stretch, your body losses the ability to perform those functions. If you’re not stretching at least twice weekly, you are losing flexibility every year!

With that loss of flexibility comes weakness and pain. Allow our medical director to lead you through the process of improving your range of motion. Perform your custom stretching regimen twice weekly after a brisk walk and you will feel years younger. Combine our flexibility program with the strength regimen above for a home exercise program that rivals any other.

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Testosterone has many different functions in the human body and is referenced in detail in other portions of the website. It improves muscle recovery after physical activity. Testosterone increases libido, produces a sensation of well-being, increases energy and improves sleep pattern, allows the brain to focus better, improves memory, controls fat accumulation especially around the abdominal area, and it increases the metabolic rate.


At Vanish Medical Spa our physician medical director will perform a history and physical. Baseline laboratory testing will be ordered if you wish. Risks and benefits of testosterone replacement will be explained in detail. If you require testosterone replacement, you will require regular follow up with our physician so that he may adjust your dose of testosterone based on repeat laboratory testing.

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Initial consultation fees paid for in part by most insurance carriers for $180. Follow up appointments are $90.

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