Best Practice Skin Care …..Skin Rejuvenation


Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin. As the skin ages, it loses its elasticity and begins to sag. Collagen Induction Therapy improves wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks and acne scars. A small device creates microtrauma to the very top layer skin; the epidermis and dermis. The key to the success of Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is the process that it stimulates. These micro injuries stimulate your body to release growth factors and cytokines by keratinocytes. These growth factors and cytokines stimulate fibroblasts to differentiate and form normal collagen, elastin and greater amounts of hyaluronic acid. Collagen and Elastin improve the tensile strength of the skin and results in a tighter surface of the skin. This procedure is the ideal skin rejuvenation technique. Typically, the procedure is performed 4 times over a six-month period of time. The skin responds beautifully to repeated treatments and has been shown to be just a successful for under the wrinkles as Fraxel Laser Skin Ablation at a fraction of the cost! The recovery from Collagen Induction Therapy is 24-48 hours. Fraxel Laser Skin Ablation recovery may be more than 2 weeks. Chemical peels, an older skin rejuvenation technique, take 7 days to recover from and have not been shown in the medical literature to compare with the results from collagen induction therapy.  The Microneedling Facial takes 40 minutes and is performed by a physician.  There is minimal pain and within 24 hours you can begin to enjoy a healthy facial glow and improved control over fine lines and mobile wrinkles. Once you have completed your series of treatments, the clinician will decide when to repeat your procedure. In the meantime, simply continue standard best practice skin care including careful selection of soap, moisturizing products, retinol where indicated, and sunscreen.