Gone are the days where services like hair removal, botox, and other cosmetic procedures were strictly for women.


Skin rejuvination begins at home and is completed with supervised medical treatments at a medical spa. Keep your skin clean everyday by washing with a soap that neither dries your skin or leaves it oily at least twice daily. Moisturize your skin every time you wash your face.

How To Rejuvenate

Our staff is happy to guide your purchase of over the counter washes and moisturizers. Drink adequate amounts of water daily. Consume a well-balanced diet with appropriate amounts of fats, carbohydrates and proteins daily. Sleep at least 7 hours per day.

Once you establish best practice skin care at home, you can consider medical grade treatments.



Shaving removes superficial layers of dead skin cells. It’s a fine exfoliation and it gets rid of the Vellus hairs (the tiny peach fuzz that covers your face). It also makes your skin smoother, allows any products you apply after to penetrate deeper, and promotes cellular turnover constantly encouraging new cells to the surface of their skin.

In addition to your current shaving regimen, shave the cheek bones and the face just lateral to your eyes twice weekly. You may also improve exfoliation while improving fine lines with a prescription of Retin-A. Some retinols can be irritating to the skin or cause visible peeling so it is important to find the right retinol for your skin type. This product will be applied at night with a moisturizer.

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Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure designed to rejuvenate the skin and is detailed on our facials page. Collagen Induction Therapy improves wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks and acne scars. A small device creates microtrauma to the very top layer skin; the epidermis and dermis. These micro injuries stimulate your body to release growth factors and cytokines by keratinocytes. This stimulates production of normal collagen andelastin which improves the tensile strength of the skin.

This results in fresh bright skin improving wrinkles, fine lines and even acne scars. Typically, the procedure is performed 4 times over a six-month period of time. Once you have completed your series of treatments, the clinician will decide when to repeat your procedure. In the meantime, simply continue standard best practice skin care including careful selection of soap, moisturizing products, retinol where indicated, and sunscreen.



The primary way we control hyperpigmentation is reducing exposure to sun. Sun exposure is responsible for the vast majority of facial aging. Minimize sun exposure with sun screens, hats and sunglasses. Sun exposure should never leave your skin red or burned. Spf greater than 35 should be used on all skin types and skin colors. One of the signs of aging is irregular brown and sometimes red discoloration of the skin. These changes are primarily due to sun damage or broken blood vessels (telangiectasias).

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses a bright light with a filter which eliminates most wavelengths of the light except those taken up by pigment and blood vessels. The light energy penetrates just below the skin’s surface, damaging either the melanin (skin pigment) or blood vessels. The body’s natural skin repair mechanisms then remove the damaged tissue and produce a more even skin tone. IPL also tightens skin slightly (photo-facial effect). The number of treatments required to achieve desired results and length of results varies from individual to individual and can be dramatically altered by sun exposure.


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As we age, contraction of facial muscles beneath the skin create wrinkles in the skin itself. With a single treatment of Botox, the muscles themselves no longer contract and wrinkles are diminished or vanish. In addition, regular treatment with Botox can minimize the development of wrinkles long-term. Botox injections at Vanish are performed only by board-certified physicians. Botox is the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic treatment in the United States.

Vanish uses either FDA approved Botox Cosmetic brand from Allergan or Dysport Cosmetic brand from Medicis. Within 3 days of the injection, there will be noticeable results. The results typically last between 3 and 4 months. If you decide to no longer receive Botox, the lines treated will gradually look exactly like they did before the treatment. Men especially can benefit from Botox injections. Laugh lines and crows feet are minimized or eliminated controlling this very first sign of age. Injections between the eyebrows and in the forehead reduce the appearance of stress. These areas in particular make the face more aggressive.

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Reducing these lines make you appear content, relaxed and approachable. Botox is $14 per unit. Dysport is $12 per unit.

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