Now you can enjoy the feeling of soft, hairless skin any time of the year without shaving or waxing.


Why not enjoy smooth legs long term? Cut your shower time in half. Never have to hurry through dragging a laser across your legs before an event. No more stubble, cuts or irritation. Allow the skin on your legs to be the most beautiful it can be. Silky legs don’t have to be a tiresome process. With leg laser hair removal, you can ditch your daily razor routine and cancel your monthly wax appointments. After a series of sessions, you’ll enjoy permanent hair reduction in the most time-consuming area of your body.

Consider what it would be like to wake up and choose any article of clothing for the day without calculating the number of days since you last shaved your legs. Imagine never having to pack your razor for the quick weekend getaway or worrying about how sharp your razor is. Think of how freeing it would be to glide your hand over your legs and always feel that same just-shaved smoothness.

Leg laser hair removal safely and effectively provides you with these results

in just a few treatments!

How to Prepare

The appeal of eternally bare legs goes far beyond the aesthetics. Trying on clothes feels different, curling up in fresh sheets is exponentially more comfortable and your confidence skyrockets. There’s nothing like feeling the smoothness of freshly shaved or waxed legs. While the procedure is simple, there are a few things you can do yourself to ensure that you get the best hair removal services possible.

Here are a few of them:

• Avoid excess sunlight to your legs one week before your appointment.

• Do not pluck, wax, or apply lotions, cremes, or perfumes immediately before your appointment.

• Shave two days prior to your hair removal appointment.

Non-Invasive Hair Removal

With our laser hair removal technology, you can get in and out and back to your normal tasks right away. With your first session lasting approximately one hour (and subsequent appointments lasting just 30 minutes) you can leave the spa and head straight to work, the mall, or wherever you please because our hair removal services are 100% non-invasive with the use of a laser designed just for hair removal, the Novalis 808 Diode laser.

If you have any questions regarding what to expect with your first visit, or if you need clarification on what you should and should not do in order to achieve the best results possible,

give our friendly staff a Call here at Vanish!

We have been providing affordable hair removal services to the San Antonio area and look forward to helping you achieve hair-free legs.