Gone are the days where services like hair removal, botox, and other cosmetic procedures were strictly for women.


The average American gains 3 pounds per year after the age of 25. The reality for most Americans is that the responsibilities of work and family make self care issues like proper nutrition every day a luxury. A diet is not just about reducing the amount of calories you consume each day. Primarily dieting is about realizing what you are eating and the caloric punch each item brings.

Did you realize that the martini you drank was over 600 calories and for some that could be 30% of the calories that you should take in a day!

How many calories should you take in a day?


You must understand what proportion of carbohydrates, fats and protein to consume daily. How much water should you take in daily? Appropriate caloric intake varies on age, sex, physical activity and you’re your personal goals. Are you trying to gain muscle in conjunction with regular activity in the gym? Are you an aerobic athlete who exercises four times weekly?

Are you trying to lose weight and sculpt your body?

Professional Recommendations

Allow our physician to take you through the process of understanding what you’re eating and what needs to be changed. We will begin by tracking your current caloric intake. We will continue with specific recommendations with your physique and personal goals in mind. We can also provide meal recommendations and diet plans that meet your needs.

Begin to shape your future self today.

Initial consultation, paid in part by most insurances, is $180.

If you are already a Vanish customer, this education and plan does not require an initial consultation but simply a follow up with our medical director for $90.

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