Vanish medical spa is owned and operated by Patrick Mulroy M.D. Dr. Mulroy has been in practice in San Antonio now for over 20 years.

Our Services

At Vanish medical spa, we have consolidated our services to include laser hair removal, Botox injections, facials and testosterone replacement. We also offer nutritional advice and training programs for men and women who are interested in improving or sculpting their current figure.

We have the most competitive prices in San Antonio. Ours is a functioning medical office offering select state-of-the-art spa services.

Our laser hair machine, the Novalis Diode 808

is solely designed to remove hair unlike IPL machines that specialize in sun damage, tattoo removal, acne care, and spider vein reversal.

Professional Results, Guaranteed

There is not a more efficient laser hair device on the market.

We do not have contracts, and we do not require a formal consultation!

There is no sales pitch. We prefer to introduce you to our line of products and services and gradually gain your trust with their effectiveness. Our goal will be to establish you as a long-term client based on price and a quality outcome. Why not choose an affordable introductory service and see if we can gain your trust?

Dr. Mulroy’s Story

“I became interested in laser hair removal and other aesthetic treatments over the last 10 years as I have aged. Regarding laser hair removal, I consulted a local vendor here in San Antonio about 5 years ago. The first thing I noticed was that I was not able to get a firm answer regarding pricing. And then once I did receive information about pricing, I found it outrageous. In addition, I was exposed to a high pressure sales session just to be able to figure out the cost of laser treatments.

The costs of providing a laser hair removal session is not high in and of itself. Unfortunately, the expense of multiple employees and large clinic space gets passed onto the consumer. I decided to try to provide laser hair services in a much more cost effective way. I personally perform laser treatments as much as possible to reduce my overall overhead and provide a high quality consistent outcome. I pass these cost cutting measures on to the clients. Clients do not have to commit to long-term contracts and are not exposed to high pressure sales tactics.”

“As I have grown older, I have experience firsthand the effects of the aging process. My complexion needed to be managed with appropriate soaps and moisturizers. Complexion and overall brightness of the skin can be manipulated with dermaplanning and Retin-A. Skin rejuvenation can be accomplished best by a microneedling facial. Irregularities in complexion such as age spots or melasma are best managed by photo facials. Wrinkles require Botox.

The aesthetics side of the practice was a natural offshoot to providing laser hair removal. I have partnered with an aesthetician who is available as needed. My goal with regards to aesthetics is to simplify skin care. I have found that the aesthetics industry takes advantage of people by up charging skincare products unnecessarily. In addition, there is a host of over-the-counter products that simply do not have enough strength to accomplish the effects that we are looking for when we try to even skin tone or reduce wrinkles.”

Successful and Affordable

We have come up with a best practice skincare treatment plan that varies depending on patient’s skin type. Young patients with oily skin and problems with acne benefit from a certain regimen. Older patients have different issues and benefit from different types of skin products and procedures. Please see blog posts for our views on skincare and aesthetics in general. Similar to our services in laser hair removal,

our recommendations are very straightforward and provided to you at an affordable price!

I look forward to providing future patients with effective and efficient laser hair removal and aesthetics services.

“At Vanish Medical Spa, we will do everything in our power to establish Long-term relationships with our patients!”

— Patrick Mulroy, M.D.