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Now you can enjoy the feeling of soft, hairless skin any time of the year without shaving or waxing. Our laser hair removal process is painless and after only about 30 minutes of your time, you can walk out of our office with smooth skin for weeks!


Today, you can have soft smooth skin and never shave or wax. Invest in your skin with appointments of about 30 minutes with laser hair removal. End tedious shaving long term.



About Us


Our services are consolidated to include laser hair removal, intense pulsed light therapy, Botox injections, and skin vitalization with microneedling. Our prices are competitive and there is no contract or sales pitch.

unleash your facial beauty


We have all heard that for a youthful look, “It’s all about the skin tightness” But, what do we mean by that and how is it achieved?


Our Botox Services


As we age, contraction of facial muscles beneath the skin create wrinkles in the skin itself. Botox injections can enhance your beauty and give you a refreshed, youthful, rejuvenated appearance.


Our botox treatment is a 15 minute nonsurgical process, with noticeable results within days!


Being the eternal sceptic and always finding that no matter where I go, something will always go wrong; I decided I would give this a try. What can I say except, oh my god! Best ever experience! I will never use any place or product again!!! Best in everyway. I could go on and on but trust me when I tell you, words can not express how great this was. Try it yourself! You wont be disappointed.


—Nicolas L.